I'm Worth It.

I'm April La France, I've gone through things parents try to protect there kids from. I've been hurt in so many ways by so many people, but it's ok. Because my past is what made me who I am. And comfortable with who i am. All that bullshit i've gone through made me strong. You can go about me like i'm annoying, ugly, or wierd, whatever other things you people think. I'm me. And you can just watch me be me. I stopped caring about what other people think a long ass time ago.

Anonymous said: So do u like him back lol:D

Like who back?…

Anonymous said: Lol, I'm a cuzin of his and we where just chillen at his house when he asked i'd ever had a crush on a girl but was afraid to say anything 2 her cuz she outta ur league than he went 2 saying ur name. That's how I now:) r u shere u don't know who it is? Hahaha

Im pretty sure I’ve dated guys worse then him, so if he really likes me he should just tell me. Even if I am out of his leauge if he puts him self out there itll deffinantly give him a better chance. And no I have no idea who it is.

Anonymous said: I'll give you this I go to cside..;) lol But I'm not gunna tell you my name..:p Have you had a crush on a guy in high school but haven't told him yet??

Um, still no clue…. lol and not that i can think of. But i’m not one to talk about who i like. lol But chances are the guy would know if i liked him or not.

Anonymous said: Ik a boy that likes you. Give you a hints first name starts wit A and last starts wit R he's in 12th grade and I guess you've known him awhile OMG he's gunna kill me if he finds out idid this hahahahahahahaha Can u guess who it is??

lol, i have no idea honestly… But, how would you know he does? lolol

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